KMBN 101 Management Concepts And Organisational Behaviour, AKTU MBA Semester 1

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Welcome to the dedicated web page for the AKTU MBA Semester 1 course on Management Concepts and Organizational Behavior (KMBN 101). This course serves as the foundational cornerstone for understanding the principles, theories, and practices essential for effective management and organizational behavior.

Semester 1 
Management Concepts And Organisational Behaviour 
KMBN 101

KMBN 101 Management Concepts And Organisational Behaviour
KMBN 101 Management Concepts And Organisational Behaviour

Management Concepts and Organizational Behavior is a dynamic field that explores the fundamental principles of management and the intricacies of human behavior within organizational settings. This course is meticulously crafted to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how organizations function and the role of management in achieving organizational goals.

Table of content(toc)

Throughout this course, students will delve into various management concepts, including planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. They will explore the functions of management, the different levels of management, and the challenges and opportunities faced by managers in today's globalized business environment.

UNIT 1 - Management Concepts And Organisational Behaviour Topic
1 Management Practices From Past To Present
2 Different Levels Of Management
3 Managerial Skills And Managerial Functions
4 Objective Of Planning
5 Planning Process
6 Types Of Planning
7 Types Of Plans
8 Management By Objective
9 Types of Decision-Making
10 Process & Techniques of Decision Making

UNIT 2 - Management Concepts And Organisational Behaviour Topic
1 Organization Structure And Decentralization Of Authority
2 Meaning Of Staffing
3 Recruitment, Selection & Placement
4 What is Training
5 What is Development
6 Principle Of Directing
7 Essence Of Coordination
8 Different Control Techniques
9 Management By Exception

UNIT 3 - Management Concepts And Organisational Behaviour Topic
1 Fundamentals Of Individual Behavior
2 Personality, Types Of Personality
3 Personal Effectiveness
4 Meaning Of Attitudes
5 Types And Components Of Attitude
6 Attitude Formation And Attitude Change
7 Meaning & Type Of Group Behaviour
8 Interpersonal Skills
9 Transactional Analysis
10 Johari Window

UNIT 4 - Management Concepts And Organisational Behaviour Topic
1 Theory Of Motivation
2 Maslow’s Theory Of Motivation
3 Herzberg’s Theory Of Motivation
4 Mcclelland Theory Of Motivation
5 Contemporary Theories Of Motivation
6 Self Determination Theory
7 Self Efficacy Theory
8 Vroom’s Expectancy Theory
9 Equity Theory
10 Reinforcement Theory
11 Meaning Of Perception And Process
12 Behavioral Applications Of Perception

UNIT 5 - Management Concepts And Organisational Behaviour

Moreover, students will examine organizational behavior, which focuses on understanding individual and group dynamics within organizations. Topics covered include perception, motivation, leadership, communication, team dynamics, organizational culture, and change management. By studying these topics, students will gain insights into the factors that influence behavior in the workplace and learn how to effectively manage and lead teams.

The course curriculum is designed to blend theoretical concepts with practical applications, allowing students to develop both conceptual understanding and practical skills. Through case studies, simulations, role-plays, and real-world examples, students will enhance their problem-solving abilities, decision-making skills, and leadership capabilities.

Our esteemed faculty members bring a wealth of expertise and experience in management and organizational behavior, ensuring that students receive the latest industry insights and best practices. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to engage in discussions, workshops, and guest lectures to deepen their understanding and broaden their perspectives on management concepts and organizational behavior.

By the end of this course, students will not only have a solid foundation in management principles and organizational behavior but also possess the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective managers and leaders in a variety of organizational contexts.

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We are excited to embark on this journey with you as we explore the fascinating world of management concepts and organizational behavior together.

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