KMBN 103 Financial Accounting and Analysis, AKTU MBA Semester 1

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Welcome to the dedicated web page for the AKTU MBA Semester 1 course on Financial Accounting and Analysis (KMBN 103). This course is meticulously designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles, concepts, and techniques of financial accounting and the skills necessary for financial analysis in a business context.

Semester  1
Financial Accounting and Analysis
KMBN 103

KMBN 103 Financial Accounting and Analysis, AKTU MBA Semester 1
KMBN 103 Financial Accounting and Analysis, AKTU MBA Semester 1

Financial Accounting and Analysis is crucial for managers to make informed decisions, communicate financial performance, and ensure accountability within an organization. This course aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to accurately record financial transactions, prepare financial statements, and analyze financial information to support strategic decision-making.

Table of content (toc)

Throughout this course, students will explore various topics related to financial accounting and analysis, including the accounting cycle, double-entry bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement), and the principles of revenue recognition and expense matching. Additionally, students will learn how to interpret financial statements using ratio analysis, trend analysis, and other financial analysis techniques.

UNIT 1 - Financial Accounting and Analysis

S.No. Topic
1 Meaning and Scope of Accounting
2 Evolution and Users of Accounting
3 Basic Accounting terminologies
4 Principles of Accounting
5 Accounting Concepts & Conventions
6 Accounting Equation
7 Depreciation Accounting

UNIT 2 - Financial Accounting and Analysis

S.No. Topic
1 Mechanics of Accounting
2 Accounting Standards
3 International Accounting Principles
4 International Accounting Standards
5 Matching of Indian Accounting Standards with International Accounting Standards
6 Double entry system of Accounting
7 Journalizing Of Transactions
8 Ledger Posting And Trial Balance

UNIT 3 - Financial Accounting and Analysis

S.No. Topic
1 Presentation Of Financial Statement
2 Preparation of final accounts according to companies act 2013 (vertical format)
3 Excel Application to make Balance sheet
4 Preparation of Cash Flow Statement and its analysis

UNIT 4 - Financial Accounting and Analysis

S.No. Topic
1 Analysis Of Financial Statement
2 Ratio Analysis
3 Solvency Ratios
4 Profitability Ratios
5 Activity Ratios
6 Liquidity Ratios
7 Market Capitalization Ratios
8 Leverage Ratio
9 Detailed Analysis Using Excel Application

UNIT 5 - Financial Accounting and Analysis

S.No. Topic
1 Financial Statement Analysis And Recent Types Of Accounting
2 Common Size Statement
3 Comparative Balance Sheet
4 Trend Analysis Of Manufacturing
5 Service & Banking Organizations
6 Human Resource Accounting
7 Forensic Accounting
8 Accounting For Corporate Social Responsibility

The course curriculum is designed to blend theoretical concepts with practical applications, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in financial accounting and analysis. Through case studies, exercises, and real-world examples, students will develop the ability to apply accounting principles and techniques to solve business problems and make strategic decisions.

Our experienced faculty members bring a wealth of expertise in financial accounting and analysis, ensuring that students receive the latest industry insights and best practices. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to engage in discussions, workshops, and projects that deepen their understanding of financial accounting and its role in business.

By the end of this course, students will not only have a solid foundation in financial accounting principles but also possess the analytical skills necessary to interpret financial statements, assess financial performance, and make informed financial decisions. This knowledge is essential for aspiring managers, entrepreneurs, and financial professionals who seek to contribute strategically to their organizations' success.

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KMBN 103 Financial Accounting and Analysis Syllabus PDF

Download KMBN 103 Financial Accounting and Analysis Syllabus PDF and master the fundamentals of financial reporting. This course covers the key concepts you'll need to understand financial statements, analyze company performance, and make informed business decisions.

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We are excited to embark on this journey with you as we explore the vital role of financial accounting and analysis in the business world.

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